On Écoute: Jeanne Added


Between her ’80s-style synth, English lyrics and peroxide-blonde crop, Jeanne Added stands out from the crowd…which is exactly why she was named Female Artist

On Écoute: Alain Souchon

Image © Wikimedia, public domain

Evergreen, ever wistful chanteur rides on.
Award-winning Alain Souchon, performing in his trademark skinny black tie with shirt unbuttoned at the neck, is

On Écoute: Charles Aznavour


Perhaps France’s greatest ever singer-songwriter
Charles Aznavour sang of love, but also of nostalgia and the tragedy of lost youth. Here we revisit a musical

On Écoute: French Kiwi Juice


Liquid beats for the beach (or anywhere, really)
Why French Kiwi Juice? Because the man behind the moniker, Vincent Fenton, is half French and half

On Écoute: L’Indécis

French illustrator Jeoffrey Magellan is behind Playtime’s dreamy cover art. IMAGE © L’INDÉCIS / JEOFFREY MAGELLAN
Unwind with the chill-hop master
For those unfamiliar with chill-hop, welcome to your initiation.

On Écoute: Indochine

Indochine’s lead singer, frontman and big-haired ’80s icon Nicola Sirkis. IMAGE © NOESIS-KANE
Celebrating the new-wave luminaries
Most folk who grew up in the 1980s remember Indochine with the same

On Écoute: Olivia Ruiz

Ruiz is no stranger to the stage, having studied theatre and dance as a tee. IMAGE © ÇA C’EST CULTE.COM
We celebrate the charming chanteuse
With her bright red lips