If you love to TRAVEL then you are not alone.

We’ve been travelling the world spreading love, peace and adventure for the last few years now.

We were tired of life stuck in an office cabin and wanted to reclaim a little bit of freedom, fun and refreshment.

We wanted a chance to just slip into a hammock undisturbed at sunset with a cup of tea and a slow sway to the tunes of our favourite song.

The opportunity to tell enriching stories and have something to remember for years to come.

We started with a road trip in Asia, followed by the trip to the USA, a trek to Mount Elbrus, enjoyed the food in Mexico and still counting.

Today, we give some suggestions to beat the crowds to popular destinations, we also show you places that are just as incredible… but aren’t yet overrun by tourists.

We have discovered so many things that you won’t find in guidebooks or brochures and we want to share them all with you.

Who are we?

We have almost 1500 people connected with us who are travelling across 100 countries around the globe, helping thousands of other travellers a year start their adventure.

Connect with us

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